Dr. Vinograd’s Guide to Natural Detox

9 Primary Methods

1. Eye and Nasal Flush: Natural Detox via Rinsing

lugol's iodine natural detox
This simple flush is an easy natural detox, helping to decontaminate your eyes and nasal passages.

  1. Place a teaspoon of salt into 16oz of warm water
  2. Add 6 drops of Lugol’s Iodine **DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO IODINE** to your water (can be purchased here).
  3. Submerge your eyes and blink several times.
  4. Submerge your nose, inhale the water up your nose and out of your mouth. This will be uncomfortable the first few times until you get the hang of it. Alternatively, you can use a Netti-pot to make this easier.

WARNING: Always maintain a clean Netti pot, as you can get a serious infection otherwise (think meningitis)


2. Juicing: Drink Your Natural Detox

2 ounces of wheatgrass daily is not only a fantastic natural detox, but also very high in nutritive value. A manual juicer is inexpensive, but a twin cylinder juicer (cold press) will also allow you to juice any kind of vegetable as well (keeping it’s nutritional value). Celery and cilantro are great natural detoxers. The following is a delicious recipe (tastes a bit like a light bloody mary):

  • 1 tomato
  • 1 fresh clove of garlic
  • 1/2 lemon (or whole lime)
  • a handful cilantro
  • and fill the rest of your drink with celery.

Aside from the detoxifying effects of celery and cilantro, a single lemon has more than your entire daily recommended intake of vitamin C. Garlic, especially raw, guards against E. Coli, and contains a compound called Allicin which can help lower blood pressure & cholesterol. Tomatoes are also a good source of Vitamins C, K & A, Potassium & Folate.

Another great benefit from juicing are enzymes. Raw foods contain the enzymes (or natural catalysts) required to help us digest them. This in turn helps us absorb more nutrients, and get more energy out of our food (instead of storing it to fat). This is part of the reason you might have heard of the ‘raw food’ movement that seems to be gaining popularity by the day.


3. Infrared Sauna: Sweat your Natural Detox

Infrared Sauna and Natural DetoxPerhaps the most well known form of natural detox is through sweat. Although a natural sauna or steam room is quite healthy, to stimulate a deeper detox, infrared saunas are key. Infrared rays are naturally found in sunlight (the longest wavelength), are invisible, and penetrate the body due to a unique arrangement of molecules.

In essence, our molecules are illuminated by the electromagnetic effect of the infrared rays, causing an increase in molecular vibration. In turn this vibration causes heat through friction – otherwise known as ‘resonance absorption due to heat generation’. This causes our skin to elevate in temperature, expand capillaries, and stimulate circulation. Bruising dissipates more quickly, and enzyme production is enhanced (as cell functions are activated). Cellular and metabolic wastes are then eliminated via the sweat mechanism.

An infrared sauna allows us to reap the benefits of these rays without the carcinogenic risks. Also, they give us the desired effect at lower temperatures, which can be more pleasant. Unfortunately, infrared saunas are not readily available in spas. If you cannot find a nearby health practitioner that provides access, your only option may be to buy a unit (one of the best in terms of value is the SEK-H2 Hot Wind Sauna).


4. Enemas: The Least Pleasant Natural Detox

Original Enemas as the original natural detoxPerhaps the least pleasant form of natural detox are enemas. Unfortunately, they are considered one of the most highly effective methods of detoxification, so must still be considered. Although recommended by nearly every medical discipline, the ancient Egyptians may have been the earliest proponent (circa 1500 B.C.). Enemas (coffee ones are popular as they have a pleasant energetic effect) flush out the toxins trapped in our lower intestines. Herbal enemas also are a great delivery mechanism, as the colon has the largest exposed area of capillaries, absorbing quickly into the bloodstream.

Although it requires some commitment (and sometimes some lingering discomfort as toxins leave the body), anyone that has tried one can tell you that you feel incredible the next day.

WARNING: Always do enemas under the observation of a licensed health professional, as there is a real risk of a perforated colon and infection if done alone.


5. Massage: The Most Pleasant Natural Detox

One of the most pleasant forms of natural detox comes in the form of massage. While massage used to be a great luxury, in the US, $20 foot massages have become quite popular, and locations seem to be popping up all over the major cities.

relflexology and placement  for natural detoxFoot massage also has the added benefit of reflexology, as the arch of the foot has the most concentrated area of reflexology points in the body (along with the palms of the hands), as you can see on the chart below. Massage also helps harmonize our energy, as our daily stress and activities can throw off our musculoskeletal balance. Toxins and lymphatic fluids that are lodged in our muscles are released in this fashion as well.


6. Foot Detox: Natural Detox While You Sleep

The Detox foot patch, although somewhat less known, is an effective natural detox all on their own.

They may also be the easiest method, as you simply attach them to the arch of your foot (stimulating those reflexology points on the chart above) with an adhesive sheet, and throw them out in the morning.

natural detox foot pads toxin testingDetox pads have been used in Japan for many year to minimize fatigue, increase the metabolism, improve circulation and quality of sleep. They are used as a regular practice to stay clean and healthy. They utilize hers and minerals to stimulate reflexology points with far infrared energy, combining some of the methods you read above in massage / reflexology and infrared saunas. The pads also create an osmotic shift (sometimes called a ‘minus ion effect’) allowing toxins to more easily pass through the pores

Reputable companies provide testing of the used foot patch, and you can use hair analysis kits to verify the decrease in toxins after a cleanse. We recommend using our BodyPure Foot Patch – we are the only US manufacturer, and provide testing.


7. Homeopathics: Natural Detox (Specific)

Addressing natural detox with homeopathy is interesting as it can target very specific toxins. For example there is a specific homeopathic formula for additives & preservatives, and another to remove acid in order to help with inflammation, arthritis, etc.

Homeopathic Candida

A significant benefit to detoxification is to help get rid of Candida (a fungus that the majority of the population carries). It causes fatigue and discomfort (especially to women in the form of vaginal infections). Candida is ‘farmed’ by the body to protect against heavy metals, and extremely difficult to get rid of without first detoxifying. Luckily, there are good homeopathic solutions to help get rid of Candida as well.

If you are not familiar with how Homeopathic remedies work, they basically take a tiny amount of the targeted material, place it in an inert base, and dilute it again and again until no measurable molecules are left. Even though no trace of it can be found by a microscope our bodies are still able to pick up a remaining signature of the element, stimulating our immune system to react and combat the ailment (returning the body to homeostasis). The advantage of Homeopathics is that they can be used to address nearly any imbalance without the risk of severe side effects.


8. Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse: Poop Your Natural Detox

Cleansing the liver is paramount for natural detox. A highly effective and natural liver cleanse was created by Dr Hulda Clark, who has been a great source of controversy in the past. Although her claims of curing cancer may be dubious, her liver cleanse has helped an untold number of people, and is impressive in that you can actually see gall stones pass to your stool. An interesting thing to note, is that the gall stones are passing from the liver, and not the gallbladder. This has been a source of controversy with traditional medical thinking, however, these stones still pass for those who have had their gallbladder removed – seem pretty concrete proof, right?

You may feel poorly for a day or two after (again as the impurities leave your body), but that will be followed by an incredible sense of good health and energy. For this detox to be most effective, you must make sure not to have any parasites (you can easily Google ways to test for them, and we will post an entire article on how to get rid of them naturally). Without further ado, here it is:

  1. Start at 2pm, from here on out, no food or drink. Mix four tablespoons of epsom salts in 3 cups of water, pour into a pitcher, and refrigerate.
  2. At 6pm, drink 3/4 of a cup of your mixture. Add 1/8 tsp. of powder vitamin C if you wish to improve the taste. Be prepared to go to the bathroom a number of times.
  3. At 8pm, drink a second (3/4 of a cup) serving. Although you havent eaten, you may notice not feeling hungry
  4. At 9:45 mix a 1/2 cup of olive oil with 1/2 cup of fresh squeezed grapefruit (no pulp). Make sure to visit the bathroom before, then shake and drink with 2 capsules of black walnut capsules (or 10-20 drops of tincture). Take 4-8 capsules of orthonine if you have trouble sleeping, as you should lie down immediately after.
  5. In the morning, take your third cup of the epsom salt drink.
  6. 2 hours later, drink the last cup. After another 2 hours you may resume eating.
  7. Check your stool with a flashlight. The pea green stones that float to the top are gall stones, as they are full of cholesterol.


9. Spiritual Detox: Natural Detox of the Mind

meditation.detoxPerhaps the most natural detox is spiritual. Although this may initially seem like a stretch, consider how our bodies emulate our emotional state. Stress, fear and anxiety cause us to produce and release hormones into our system on a regular basis, many of which stay trapped in our tissue (especially when these factors are ongoing). These hormones create imbalance, and in the long term, can lead to disease. As technology keeps getting more advanced, more of our work is sedentary  minimizing our exercise  and therefore our natural detox mechanism (sweat).

Meditation can help calm our emotional state, reduce our stress, and return balance; and practices such as yoga can both help mentally and physically to expel toxins. Actively spending more time in nature keeps us from getting too sedentary  and has the added benefit of exercise and inducing calm. We sometimes forget that our body and mind are connect biochemically, and imbalance in one creates dysfunction in the other. Bikram yoga is specifically geared to expelling toxins, Kundalini to balance the mind and body, and Vipasna schools of meditations (geared towards mindfulness).


I hope you find this guide useful, and welcome your comments and additions. Daniel Vinograd, D.D.S., N.M.D.


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  1. I’ve been looking for a good article to clean up my body inside out. This detox information is very helpful, I have tried the foot pads and it is by far my favourite mixing it up with juicing. It is incredible when I remove the pads in the morning and I actually see all the toxins out of my body.

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